There is an enormous opportunity for an organization like The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) in India, a country where over 500 million people live in or close to extreme poverty, but where there is also a significant amount of wealth and generosity. To enter the Indian philanthropic ecosystem, we have partnered with Samhita Social Ventures, a highly successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) enterprise in Mumbai, to form a new organization: High Impact Philanthropy (HIP). HIP will do the same type of work that TLYCS does, except it will be raising money to be used only in India. Our partners at Samhita are smart, experienced, mission-aligned, and well connected in India’s philanthropic world. HIP will curate a portfolio of highly effective interventions/nonprofits and seek funding from CSR, High Net Worth Individuals Foundations and retail donors. India has a law requiring companies to donate 2% of profits to charity, and Samhita’s extensive CSR network provides a strong base from which HIP can draw to influence the impact and cost-effectiveness of these nonprofit donations.


Priya NaikStrategic Advisor
Anushree ParekhLead
Anam VadgamaManager

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