Economic security, access to information, and job opportunities are foundational for effective poverty reduction. In order to break the cycle of poverty, the world’s most vulnerable communities need support to overcome discrimination, barriers to employment and savings, lack of access to supplies and training, and cultural assumptions that perpetuate economic inequality.

Basic health awareness is also foundational to poverty reduction. People in the poorest regions of the world often have limited or no access to life-saving health goods and information about common illnesses that are otherwise simple and cost-effective to treat. Our recommended organizations build networks that bring information, vital goods, and economic opportunity to communities that need help the most.

These nonprofits also emphasize delivering interventions that address needs identified by those they are helping, rather than the all-too-common approach of providing items or "help" that are determined by outside "experts". Our nonprofits respect and honor the intelligence and knowledge of their clients, and provide assistance that directly addresses and builds on that base.

Economic Development Charities

Employment and entrepreneurial training

Direct cash transfers for client-chosen improvement purchases.

Provides inputs and training for small farmers to  improve harvests and profits

Simple and cost-effective model of entrepreneurship and innovation

Media training and employment

Emergency and disaster response

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