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One Million Reached, One Business at a Time
By Katie Boland, Village Enterprise Board Chair In June, Village Enterprise celebrated reaching the one-millionth life influenced by our work in poverty alleviation. One million lives is hard for me to get my head around. It’s easier for me to think of the individual. But that’s the point, isn’t it? It is all about individuals. Going from one village to the next, training one group after another, and starting one business at ...
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Evidence Action Leverages Government partnership in India to tackle anemia
by Julie Wang’ombe & Diksha Radhakrishnan, Evidence Action For several years, Evidence Action has partnered with the Government of India to deliver mass school-based deworming as part of our Deworm the World Initiative. What began as a one-state effort in 2011 evolved into a national initiative in 2015, reaching roughly 89 million children across 11 states. India’s National Deworming Day now reaches nearly 270 million chil...
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A new partnership with Japan boosts iodine nutrition in Madagascar
This article is co-authored by: Marie-Claude Désilets, head of nutrition at UNICEF in Madagascar Minoru Irie, a Senior Consultant with the Foundation for Growth Science, Professor Emeritus of Toho University, and National Coordinator of Japan for the Iodine Global Network Dr. Festo Kavishe, former Managing Director of the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre, Deputy Regional Director of UNICEF in East Asia & Pacific, UNICEF Represent...
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JEFF DEUTSCH & ASH KOSIEWICZ, Oxfam Heavy metal rockers are joining indigenous peoples to try and save a generation of children and families from the devastating effects of heavy metal poisoning. It’s 4:30 on a sunny afternoon and I—Jeff Deutsch, a heavy metal junkie who grew up on a steady diet of Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth—am about to meet a couple members of the Peruvian metal band M.A.S.A.C.R.E. (Befor...
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Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers
Ruth Fertig, Multimedia Content Producer, Helen Keller International It’s a special service day in Gbondapi town, Sierra Leone, and that means the long wooden benches in the foyer of the health center are filled exclusively with mothers and their young children. More people have turned out than there are seats, so a few perch instead on the concrete ledge surrounding the clinic. Every few minutes, a street vendor stops by to ha...
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Malaria Consortium's SMC campaign set to start
Thanks to support from generous donors like those at The Life You Can Save, Malaria Consortium’s latest seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) campaign is about to begin across three countries in the Sahel region of Africa: Chad, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.  We aim to reach more than 5.5 million children under five with SMC treatment during this campaign, which will protect them from malaria during the rainy season. Most malaria illne...
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Solving the last mile payment challenge in Liberia
Think of the longest ATM line you've seen in the US...and multiply it by 80. On the World Bank index of ATMs per 100,000 people, Liberia comes in at fewer than 2 (by comparison, the US has 174). Not surprisingly, it’s the kind of place where delivering cash as an aid intervention is often deemed “impossible” by the sector. Our team launched in Monrovia 8 months ago - and $654K dollars distributed later, we’re reaching ...
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Regaining Purpose: Helping refugees launch new chapters with small businesses
Article and photos by Sadie Rose Zavgren, Village Enterprise In 2018, Village Enterprise partnered with Mercy Corps Uganda on a project funded by the ECHO Foundation to adapt Village Enterprise’s microenterprise Graduation program for refugees. The pilot paired newly arrived refugees with host community members to launch small businesses.  This promotes resilience and reduced aid reliance across three refugee settlements in West Nil...
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Restoring sight for those who have lost everything
In late 2017, one million Rohingya refugees fleeing violence streamed into Bangladesh, walking through jungle, across mountains and rivers for weeks to find safety. “While emergency care was the first priority it soon became clear that up to 50,000 refugees were blind,” points out Ian Wishart, The Fred Hollows Foundation CEO. With the help of partners, including Baitush Sharaf Eye Hospital, The Foundation was the first eye healt...
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“You never want to lose a baby”: Gathering with purpose at D-Rev’s first newborn symposium
One thing about neonatologists, they are very passionate about their babies. You never want to lose a baby. You would do anything to save that baby… and sometimes babies are very sick, and we have very few neonatal intensive care units. And even the spaces sometimes are not enough. So sometimes as a neonatologist or as a doctor or as a nurse, you are asking yourself, “Which baby is going to go in the ventilator? Which baby is going t...
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