Double Your Donation to Raising The Village

A generous supporter has offered a 1-to-1 match on donations to Raising The Village up to ~A$100,000 (A$750 maximum match per donation). 

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Raising the Village: a Data-Informed Livelihoods Model

Raising the Village dropping off supplies at a community member

Raising the Village’s (RTV) poverty graduation model is low-cost, holistic, and data-informed, enabling last-mile subsistence farming communities to break the cycle of ultra-poverty. RTV’s carefully sequenced activities prioritize the most vulnerable and focus on increasing Household Income and Production from less than US$1/day to over US$2/day by increasing agricultural yields, diversifying income and productive assets, and alleviating barriers to community participation in economic activities. 

Throughout its 24-month programme, RTV relies on continuous, real-time data analytics to address key barriers to well-being, inform decision-making, optimize interventions, and maximize impact.

The impact you can have with Raising the Village

Annet in Uganda sorting potatoes from her bumper harvest

A donation of A$57 provides 1 person with Raising The Villages’s 24-month programme and supports improvements in basic needs, climate-smart agriculture incomes, and quality of life.

RTV’s 24-month programme enables a 6x return on investment at the time of graduation and a 12x return on investment at month 60.

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