Double your impact - Evidence Action’s Safe Water Now program

For a limited time, every dollar you donate to Evidence Action’s Safe Water Now program will be matched by a generous supporter up to A$50,000

Additional match funds can be unlocked if A$50,000 can be reached.

Evidence Action by Lydia Thomas
Evidence Action’s Safe Water Now program saves lives and maximizes the impact of every dollar donated.

Evidence Action provides safe water access to nearly 10 million people – all for ~$1.50 USD per person, per year. Safe Water Now delivers low-cost water treatment across Africa, reaching 10% of Uganda’s population and 15% of Malawi’s. 

Through a new technology, in-line chlorination, Evidence Action is also providing safe water access to communities with piped water systems. This technology is poised for rapid expansion in India, where in collaboration with the Indian government, Evidence Action aims to reach 40 million people with safe water access in the next few years.

Act Now:

Safe water is a human right. With your matched gift, you can help save the lives of even more young children by sustaining and expanding Safe Water Now’s impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

All donations through this page will be matched, dollar for dollar until the campaign ends or until we reach our total match funds goal.

Anyone can donate, but only donations from residents of Australia will be tax-deductible.

You can donate via credit card on this page, or donate by bank transfer over here.

Every dollar will be matched until the maximum is reached ($200,000).

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