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The Life You Can Save relies on voluntary contributions from supporters like you. By donating to The Life You Can Save itself, you can help us introduce more people to effective giving and raise more money for cost-effective, impactful charities. You can also increase the impact of your own donation. Over the last three years, each dollar invested in our work has generated an average of $15 in donations for our recommended charities.

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Charlie Bresler

Executive Director

Louise Pfeiffer

Director of Philanthropy

Why Support Us?

We help connect donors with effective charities.

At The Life You Can Save, we help connect donors with cost-effective, high-impact charities that  save and transform lives in the communities they serve. In 2021, globally we helped raise over US$22.7 million for our recommended charities through our engaging fundraising campaigns and the free, easy-to-use donation tools hosted on our website and designed to make “smart giving simple.”

Worldwide 2021 Results 

  • Donations to effective charities US$22.7 million
  • Net Impact US$21.4 million

“The Life You Can Save is one of the main ways new supporters find Fistula Foundation”

Kate Grant, Executive Director, Fistula Foundation

We help spread the idea of effective giving.

At The Life You Can Save, we want to end extreme global poverty through the power of effective giving. And we believe that popularizing the idea of effective giving — persuading more people to give more, more effectively — is an important first step. Your support helps us develop and distribute resources like Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save that not only introduce others to the idea of effective giving but also inspire and empower them to give more effectively. 

In 2021, we distributed approximately 46,000 copies of The Life You Can Save in complete and abridged formats* and helped introduce thousands of people to the concept of effective giving. 

Total Books Distributed in 2021* ~46,000

* Includes free downloads, giveaways and sales of the ebook, audiobook and paperback editions of the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Life You Can Save; estimated number of listeners of the free podcast version of the book; and content based on the book (e.g. Blinkist’s 15-min version of the book)

“The new free edition of The Life You Can Save has generated significant interest in Against Malaria Foundation and led to an increase in donations”

Rob Mather, CEO Against Malaria Foundation

Before I found Peter Singer and his books, I was a bit lost in terms of how/what to give to charity, and as a result, I tended to be frozen. If I couldn’t choose where to give, I simply didn’t. Now, I can simply trust the experts to do the research that I’m frankly too busy (lazy) to do myself, and I am confident that my donations can make a real difference. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

–  Anne, The Life You Can Save supporter 

We help you increase the impact of your donation.

Imagine you have US$100 to give to a charity of your choice. Now imagine that, instead of giving that $100 donation directly to your charity, you have the option to “invest” that $100 donation in a way that would increase it by seventeen times its original value — in other words, from $100 to $1,700. What if you had the option to invest a donation of $10,000 in the same way and increase it to $170,000 — or a donation of $100,000 to $1,700,000? Would you take it? 

It may sound too good to be true, but our metrics show that donating to The Life You Can Save can multiply your donation in precisely this way. If you invest in us, we can help you increase your impact.

How can we be sure? To determine how investing in our work increases your impact, we rely on a metric we call our “leverage ratio.” If you take all the money we raise annually for our nonprofits and divide that number by the money we spend operating our organization, you get what we call our “leverage” for a single year. To gauge our impact over time, we rely on a “3-year leverage ratio“ which is simply the average annual leverage over the past three years. 

From 2019-2021, our 3-year leverage ratio was 15:1. That means that for every $1 we invested in spreading our message and helping others discover and donate to effective charities over the last three years, we raised an average of $15 for our recommended nonprofits.

We are very proud of our 3-year leverage ratio, and we believe it’s one of the main reasons that we saw the number of voluntary contributions to The Life You Can Save itself more than triple in 2021. To be sure, our annual leverage ratio fluctuates from year to year. But our three-year average indicates it is a reliable measure of our impact. It is also a relatively conservative estimate of our impact since it does not reflect donations to sister organizations like GiveWell or Giving What We Can that our work may inspire, only donations to our recommended charities.

3-year leverage ratio 15:1

We are an impactful, cost-effective organization ready to scale.

At The Life You Can Save, we strive to be impactful and cost-effective just like the charities we recommend. Though we have a global footprint, we are a small team of just 13 full-time employees, 7 part-time employees and many generous volunteers. Over the last three years, our annual operating expenses have averaged just under a million dollars. 

While we aim to be cost-effective, based on our track record, we believe that we have the potential to grow our organization significantly and maintain and even improve the performance of vital metrics like our leverage ratio. Since The Life You Can Save became an official nonprofit organization in the US in 2013, we have also seen steady growth across two other key metrics: “Total Money Moved” (money generated for our recommended nonprofits) and “Net Impact” (money generated for our recommended nonprofits minus our expenses). 

With your support, we hope to increase our budget and expand our operations so that we can reach more people and raise more money for effective charities. 

Net Impact US$21.4 million

“I welcome your support in helping us achieve our objectives by donating to support The Life You Can Save itself, as I do myself”


Ways to Give to The Life You Can Save

Here are a few different ways you can support us financially. 

Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation

Click here to make a one-time or recurring donation to The Life You Can Save itself. 

Leave Us a Tip

If you are in the United States, when you donate to our effective charities, you have the option to leave an additional “tip,” which will be used to support The Life You Can Save itself.

Give to one of our Cause Funds 

When you give to one of our Cause Funds, you are given the option to direct 10% of your donation to The Life You Can Save itself, and 90% to the Fund of your choice.

Fund an Initiative 

We are especially grateful to our supporters who have funded critical organizational initiatives like the publication of our updated edition of Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save. We currently have a range of projects we would like to pursue with costs from US$10,000 to US$1,000,000. If you are interested in funding a project, please contact Charlie Bresler or Rickard Vikstrom for more information.

Include Us in Your Will

TTo learn more about including The Life You Can Save or our recommended charities in your will, please check out our Gifts in Wills page or contact our Fundraising Manager, Leslie Limpert.

We also support a variety of payment methods. Please see this page for more information.