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We make smart giving simple by curating many of the world’s best nonprofits that save lives, reduce suffering, and empower livelihoods among people living in extreme poverty. We inspire donors to give an average of US$17 to high impact, cost-effective nonprofits for every dollar we spend on our entire operations.

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For more information on The Life You Can Save and our nonprofits please contact us:

Charlie Bresler

Co-Founder & Board Member

Rickard Vikstrom

Executive Director

“The Life You Can Save and Peter Singer have played an essential role in generating support and funds that enable Against Malaria Foundation’s impact. I encourage you to consider including The Life You Can Save in your giving portfolio. The potential leverage is tremendous”

Rob Mather, Founder and CEO, Against Malaria Foundation


Work you will enable

Popularising Peter Singer’s ideas

From promoting our free book to printing paperback copies and translating the book to more languages, your support will help us get our book in the hands (and ears) of more people. By popularizing Peter Singer’s ideas about effective giving you’ll inspire more people to donate to effective charities.

With more supporters, we will also create thought-provoking content for new mediums to reach even more people.


“I welcome your support in helping us achieve our objectives by donating to support The Life You Can Save itself, as I do myself”

– Peter Singer, Founder

Generating much-needed funds for effective charities

Your support will power our fundraising efforts and help us expand to new markets. We have seen that when we combine the messages in our book with a great website, donation functionality and tailored fundraising campaigns we can cost-effectively increase donations to effective organizations.



“The decision to expand The Life You Can Save, rather than making a large donation to the recommended nonprofits themselves, turned out to be a very good decision. The impact of giving to The Life You Can Save itself has helped raise almost 25 times as much as Diana and I would have contributed to the nonprofits.”

– Charlie Bresler, Co-Founder of The Life You Can Save

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Charlie Bresler

Co-Founder & Board Member

Rickard Vikstrom

Executive Director

Not sure how much to give? 

Whether you’re considering donating $100 or $100,000 to The Life You Can Save itself, our leverage ratio of 17:1 gives you an opportunity to significantly increase your impact. But how much to donate to us? Here are three approaches you may wish to consider: 


In addition to working as our non-paid Executive Director, Charlie Bresler together with his wife direct almost all of their philanthropic giving to The Life You Can Save itself. 

Enable a one-off initiative 

We’re grateful to a number of supporters who’ve funded critical organizational initiatives, including the re-launch of our book, our market entry into Australia and the hiring of new staff for our global team.

We currently have projects in the pipeline ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000. If you’re interested in funding a project, please contact Charlie Bresler or Rickard Vikstrom for a conversation about options.

10% of your annual donations 

With many great causes and organizations to support, it’s common for people to split their donations between multiple organizations. If this description fits you, allocating 10-20% of your annual giving to The Life You Can Save can be a good option, be it through a monthly donation or a one-off gift.

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