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The Transform Lives Fund supports effective hunger charities, blindness charities, and health charities — three interventions that can radically transform lives.

*Tax-deductibility available for US donors

Fund Objective

There are numerous types of effective interventions that transform the lives of people living in extreme poverty. Our “transform lives” fund addresses three of them:  inadequate access or knowledge of health services; chronic malnutrition; and sight impairment or blindness.

  • Billions of people worldwide are at risk of contracting a life-threatening disease because they don’t have access to health services or are unaware of safe health practices. Read more about Improving Health & Fighting Infectious Disease.
  • Chronic malnutrition threatens the health and development of a third of the world’s population, especially pregnant women and children. Read more: End Hunger & Malnutrition.
  • Nearly 90% of the one billion people affected with preventable or treatable blindness live in the developing world. When you donate to effective health advancing charities, you’re helping to transform lives. Read more: Prevent Blindness & Restore Sight

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