All Cause Funds

By giving to a fund you are pooling your resources with other like-minded donors to collectively optimize your impact across several high-impact charities at once. By coming together and allocating your gift to one or more of our funds you are ensuring that your donation will reach the highest impact giving opportunities that our research team has identified at the time. This is the best and simplest way for a donor to achieve their impact goals.

Maximize Your Impact Fund

The Maximize Your Impact Fund addresses all dimensions of poverty, including education, health, and living standards, and also accounts for the disparities women and girls experience when living in extreme poverty.

Education Fund

The Education Fund supports charities that work to increase access to and participation in education and promote literacy, numeracy, and other life skills. The Education Fund also places emphasis on the compounding benefits of matriculating girls.

Health Fund

The Health Fund supports charities that mitigate mortality due to malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, and HIV/AIDS. The fund also addresses other severe conditions, including malnutrition and access to quality maternal-child care.

Quality of Life Fund

The Quality of Life Fund supports charities that promote financial security and local investment with unconditional cash transfers, agriculture diversification and productivity programs, and business mentoring, as well as other initiatives.

Women and Girls Fund

The Women and Girls Fund supports charities that focus on gender issues, which can help reshape gender norms worldwide, promote women’s inclusion and safety, and increase access to maternal healthcare and family planning services.