Peter Singer

Peter Singer

Founder & Board Member
Chris Quin

Chris Quin

Board Member
Rickard Vikstrom

Rickard Vikstrom

Executive Director

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Stacey Black

Deputy Director

Rickard Vikstrom

Executive Director

The Life You Can Save
The Life You Can Save

Our core organization, based in the United States with a worldwide staff, promotes smart giving and recommends a curated list of highly effective charities proven to dramatically improve life for those living in extreme poverty.

Jon Behar

Strategic Advisor

Stacey Black

Deputy Director

Suzanne Connelly

Bookkeeper, Australia

Chantal Johnson

Marketing Assistant

Angela Jones

Finance Manager

Lydia Kunaka-Steamer

Office Support Manager

Matt Lerner


Leslie Limpert

Fundraising Manager

Daniele Messina

Italian Consultant

William Reichert

Advisory Board Member

Bilal Siddiqi

Strategic Advisor for Research and Growth

Llamil Silman

Chief Technology Officer

Adam Sneed

Communications Manager

Anam Vadgama

Executive Business Partner

Celeste Vazquez

Bookkeeper, US

Rickard Vikstrom

Executive Director

Mary Waite

Director of Partnerships

Joanna Walter

Finance Manager Australia

Nicole Webb

Media Relations, Australia

Diana Wilson

Director of Finance

Emily Zunino

Operations Manager

Development Board

Charlie Bresler

Co-Founder & Board Member

Marty Fleisher


Rickard Vikstrom

Executive Director

Advisory Board

We look to our mission-aligned advisory board to provide guidance on their areas of expertise, from digital marketing to academia.

Nicholas D’Agosto

Eric Gastfriend

Joshua Greene

Joshua Lewis

Kalle Marsal

Michael Quinn

Amy Schwimmer

Vidushi Sharma

Deborah Small

Panel of Experts

Our panel of giving experts includes leaders in economics, ethics, nonprofit management, and business. Together, they compile and scrutinize the evidence of every charity’s efficiency and execution to create our recommendations for the most impactful charities in the world. Learn our process >

Caroline Fiennes

Eric Friedman

Dean Karlan

Peter Singer

Founder & Board Member