Where to Donate

We offer donors multiple options to make giving as simple and impactful as possible. By contributing to one of our funds, you have the opportunity to pool your resources with other donors and empower our research team to direct them to the most impactful opportunities across our recommended charities. We are also happy to support our donors in making grants directly to one or any combination of our recommended nonprofits, as the heart is involved in the process of giving, as much as the head.

Maximize Your Impact Fund

The Maximize Your Impact Fund is our recommended option for donors because it leverages the power of all of our research and evaluations, so your gift will have the highest impact with a defined strategy against multiple characteristics of extreme poverty. All the causes we address in our other funds, including education, health, living standards, and barriers to women and girls’ well-being, are funded within the Maximize Your Impact Fund. Managed by our team, the Maximize Your Impact Fund supports charities and interventions with a demonstrated impact.

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Cause Funds

If there is a specific theme within extreme poverty you feel drawn to respond to, we recommend giving to a cause fund.
The themes supported in our cause funds are also represented in the Maximize Your Impact Fund.

Best Charities

If you are curious to dive deeper into the charities recommended by The Life You Can Save, you can review our list and learn in-depth about the work they are doing. Many of these organizations are allocated funding from our managed funds. 

All Charities or 90/10

For donors who wish to support all our charities equally, we continue to offer our All Charities and our 90/10 options. Our 90/10 option allocates 90% of your donation to all our charities, split equally, and 10% to The Life You Can Save itself.

Support our Operations

We do not charge donors fees because we independently raise money to fund our operations. A gift to us is an opportunity to amplify your impact and is as simple as allocating or adding a percent in the donation process.

From 2021-2023, our 3-year leverage ratio was 11:1. In other words, for every $1 we invested in spreading our message and helping others discover and donate to effective charities over the last three years, we raised $11 for our recommended nonprofits.

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