The Fight Must Go On: the importance of supporting health interventions for schistosomiasis in Ethiopia

Schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis are the most prevalent neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in sub-Saharan Africa. According to research by The... Read more >

Salt of the earth: Iodination saves lives in Tanzania

A pinch of salt adds zest to food, but more importantly still, it can mean the difference between health and ill-health, a low IQ versus high, fatigue versus energy. The disparity however, doesn’t lie so much in the salt itself, but whether it has been supplemented with iodine—a ‘trace’ element that nevertheless is critical for cognition, energy, cardiovascular, reproductive and mental health.  In most industrialized nations, the diseases of iodine deficiency—goiter, mental retardation, and ass... Read more >

Finding good homes for 180+ dosifiers

Sanku uses an innovative business model and technology to enable small mills to add vital nutrients to staple foods. Our fortification technology (the Sanku dosifier) was specifically designed for small mills and adds precise levels of nutrients into flour during processing. We offset the cost of nutrients by bulk buying empty pink flour bags, which we sell to our partner mills at the market rate. The margin from our flour bag sales neutralises the cost of the nutrients added, allowing our partn... Read more >

Vitamin A Supplementation in Western Kenya

When COVID-19 first swept the globe, much of daily life came to an indefinite stop.  Basic health services were disrupted, food was more expensive and less available, and livelihood opportunities dwindled resulting in a tidal wave of hunger among children and their families.  Yet, Helen Keller found ways to adapt and adjust critical programs and services to COVID’s threat and made positive headway in the protracted fight against malnutrition in Africa. Vitamin A is a crucial micronutrient Fo... Read more >