Musings About Ourselves and Other Strangers
If you’ve ever been surprised by your own thoughts, well, you’re not alone. From the time we’re born to the time we die, we spend our lives meeting strangers — including the one within. We also spend our lives learning about many of those strangers, and turning them into colleagues, friends, and family. 
In Musings about Ourselves and Other Strangers, host Charlie Bresler talks with fascinating people on their musings about family, community, work, helping others, and getting to know the stranger inside ourselves. Where do we fit in the world we all inhabit together? Join us as our musing leads us to some unexpected places.
Charlie Bresler is the co-founder of The Life You Can Save and former President of a large international retail company. Here he investigates ideas that he has been “musing” on since he obtained his Ph.D. in clinical and social psychology way back in 1984.


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Recent Episodes

Episode 4: Musings with Elaine Wynn

From bingo to the Bellagio, Elaine Wynn’s life hasn’t followed what one might term a “conventional” path. Despite a very successful life, Elaine never lost focus on equity for those less fortunate. She’s particularly interested in the lives of children, helping children affected by poverty gain access to support through the organization Communities in Schools (CIS). Listen to the brilliant Elaine Wynn as she and Charlie muse on the urgency of climate change, leadership, community service vs individualism, philanthropy and

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Episode 3: Musings with Josh Greene

In this episode, guest Professor Joshua Greene and host Charlie Bresler hit upon an important question — and have somewhat different answers. Many of us claim to be pretty “moral” human beings with an admirable set of values. But do we always live up to it? Obviously not, or we likely wouldn’t need police or lawyers or jails. The question Josh and Charlie found thornier is the why.

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Episode 2: Musings with Michael Schur

Musing with Michael (Mike) Schur is a bit like playing chess with Garry Kasparov. No matter what conversational move you make, he has a counter that will likely stun you. No wonder his book is called How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question… Creator of the critically acclaimed NBC comedy The Good Place, co-creator on Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, and Rutherford Falls, writer on The Office and Saturday Night Live, Michael has a long history

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