Health workers received a well-deserved bonus payment – here’s why we’re donating ours to effective charities

By Dr. Elina Christian Starting yet another fundraising campaign seemed beyond the scope of our startup group, but this opportunity was too good to miss. The $3... Read more >

DMI has been added to The Life You Can Save Australia’s list of recommended charities.

“How mass media can dramatically impact health behaviors. Announcing an new recommended charity for our Australian donors” I’m thrilled to announce that we have added Development Media International (DMI) to The Life You Can Save Australia’s list of recommended charities. Donations in support of our recommended charities are tax-deductible in Australia. I have personally spent a considerable amount of time with the senior Team at DMI  (including their CEO, Roy Head), and I have found them to be... Read more >

Earth Day - Appreciate & Preserve

Earth Day is more than a greeting card holiday. It is a day to celebrate the majesty of our planet and at the same time to consider ways to invest in the safety of its future. I think taking the opportunity to enjoy some aspect of your natural environment on Earth Day could energize you to make a greater effort to protect its future, including donating to effective climate change nonprofits. There are also a large number of excellent documentaries listed here about climate change and ones that c... Read more >

How you can help Ukrainians and people affected by other emergencies?

Like you, we at The Life You Can Save are deeply saddened and frightened by the unprovoked invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the people, who are suffering and fighting this aggression. Similarly, we are overwhelmed by the tragedy that is unfolding in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover in August of last year where a pre-existing humanitarian crisis has grown even more dire. Nearly  23 million Afghans (more than half the population) face acute food insecurity, w... Read more >