Earth Day – Appreciate & Preserve

Earth Day is more than a greeting card holiday. It is a day to celebrate the majesty of our planet and at the same time to consider ways to invest in the safety... Read more >

How you can help Ukrainians and people affected by other emergencies?

Like you, we at The Life You Can Save are deeply saddened and frightened by the unprovoked invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the people, who are suffering and fighting this aggression. Similarly, we are overwhelmed by the tragedy that is unfolding in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover in August of last year where a pre-existing humanitarian crisis has grown even more dire. Nearly  23 million Afghans (more than half the population) face acute food insecurity, w... Read more >

The Life You Can Save launches effective climate recommendations!

If we hope to end extreme poverty in our lifetime, we must also confront the impending climate crisis.  The research is clear and alarming: climate change is real and already affects every inhabited region across the planet.[1] Global temperatures and sea levels are rapidly rising, global glaciers are retreating, precipitation patterns are changing and climatic zones are shifting. Climate change is the defining issue of our times, and we must act now to prevent catastrophic consequences.   Cli... Read more >

We’re moving to in-house charity evaluation to help more donors give better and reduce poverty faster

Last year, the world saw global wealth surpass $400 trillion for the first time in history. Yet climate extremes and economic slowdowns led 811 million people to go hungry, and the pandemic pushed nearly 100 million people into extreme poverty, creating a “historically unprecedented” increase in the number of global poor.  At this extraordinary time when global wealth and extreme poverty have both increased, we believe there are more great giving opportunities than ever before. At the top of ou... Read more >