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Since the first Giving Game in 2012, we have seeded high impact philanthropy concepts with over 13,000 participants. Employing “experiential philanthropy education,” where people learn by giving away real money, we have developed a proven track record of effectively engaging and inspiring participants to work towards building solutions to complex but solvable global problems. Our facilitators deliver philanthropy education workshops, offer consultation to our growing community of Giving Game facilitators, and develop tailored materials to best convey the transformative potential of high impact philanthropy to a range of audiences.



A core component of the success of the Giving Games Project is the work of our incredible global network of skilled facilitators. Here you can access the resources we have created or collaborated on, including Giving Game powerpoint decks, a survey administration platform, and the Instructor Manual.



When you give to Giving Games, you are not only donating to The Life You Can Save’s highly effective recommended nonprofits, you are supporting the development and execution of educational exercises to inspire new high impact philanthropists. With your support, we can provide participants with the opportunity to make real donation decisions as high impact philanthropists. We believe that by providing future and current donors with tools and support to give impactfully, we can influence their decisions in the long-term. As a donor, you are part of the transformative shift in the philanthropic climate towards the support of evidence-based nonprofits working to alleviate the world’s most complex and critical problems.

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Please see here for Giving Game’s most recent program updates and a selection of all our previous posts on our work.

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