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“UTS is committed to providing opportunities for our students to demonstrate competence in empathic and ethical decision making. The giving game is a wonderful example of how this is already taking place in our classrooms, empowering students with the skills, knowledge and real-life opportunities to enact personal and social responsibility. We hope this inspires our students to contribute to social change in more tangible ways, well beyond their time at UTS.”
The Hon. Verity Firth, Executive Director, Social Justice, UTS Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion

What is Altruistic Accounting?

Charity Elections

Since early 2018, The Giving Games Project has partnered with Nicole Sutton, Project Lead of the Altruistic Accounting team and accounting lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The overarching goals of the Altruistic Accounting project are to:

  • design an innovative, sustainable, and scalable activity to teach effective decision-making,
  • provide students with an engaging learning experience, and,
  • highlight pathways to impactful career opportunities.

The Altruistic Accounting team designed a new classroom version of the Giving Game, adapted to fit the constraints of a university tutorial context, and aligned with the specific learning objectives of helping business students understand, apply and critique rational decision concepts and techniques.

Our Impact

In May 2019, the Altruistic Accounting team successfully implemented a classroom Giving Game across an entire undergraduate subject for the first time at the UTS Business School. In total 173 students participated in The Giving Game activity, to collectively decide how to allocate $1000 generously donated by the UTS Business School. The outcome of the Giving Games, which ran in multiple classes taught by six different instructors, was the students’ decision to allocate:

  • $900 to The Fred Hollows Foundation
  • $100 to Give Directly

The class nominated, third charity option, The Smith Foundation, was not awarded any money. We have prepared a detailed impact report here and a shorter summary here.

During the initial pilot in early 2019, the students made a collective decision to donate $1000 provided by the project lead also to the Fred Hollows Foundation. Next semester, during the next round of Giving Games, the Altruistic Accounting team will feature The Against Malaria Foundation, The Fred Hollows Foundation, and GiveDirectly.


We would be delighted to hear from educators at all levels who may be interested in incorporating Giving Games in their activities or further developing tools and materials for this effort. We have developed teaching and learning resources including facilitator Powerpoint slides, student handouts, and an in-class online quiz for collecting and showing the students’ votes a/nd answers to open-ended questions. You can reach Nicole, the lead of the Altruistic Accounting team at [email protected] or contact the Giving Games Project Lead, Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn, at [email protected].

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