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When you partner with The Life You Can Save, you can be sure that your corporate philanthropy will do the most good possible. We can help you engage your team members and clients, find the most impactful giving opportunities for your organization, and achieve your sustainability goals.

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Why partner with us

Join the ”smart giving” movement

Your organization invests its money wisely for the best return on investment, and we believe in the same ethos for corporate giving. Show your support for some of the world’s most effective charities and align yourself with other socially-conscious corporations in the fight to end extreme poverty.

Measure and share your impact

Receive regular updates about the real-world impact of your investment that you can share with team members, clients, and the general public.

Engage your team members and clients

Share thoughtful content inspired by Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save, provide opportunities for your team to work together for the greater good, and make your customers feel good about supporting your organization.

How you can help

We can’t do our work alone. Your organization can help us by:

  1. Help grow the effective giving movement by sharing The Life You Can Save and its ideas
  2. Help us raise funds for our effective nonprofits, and make an impact toward ending extreme poverty
  3. Support The Life You Can Save itself, and multiply the impact of your donated dollar.

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