Emergency Relief Appeal

Disastrous events worsen the impacts of extreme poverty. Several of our recommended charities are tackling specific, neglected crises. In partnership with Doubl... Read more >

The Meaning of Life (You Can Save)

BY JOSÉ OLIVEIRA | 24 MAR 2022 A dreadful life is like carrying a huge rock up a mountain just to see it roll down the other side. And then start it all, over, and over again. All this trouble and pain, with no purpose, just endless frustration. Greek mythology tells us this was Sisyphus’s terrible punishment for betraying the gods. But sometimes we feel our day to day lives are as meaningless as watching, powerlessly, that falling rock (just going back to square one!). Maybe on your way to w... Read more >

Health workers received a well-deserved bonus payment - here’s why we’re donating ours to effective charities

By Dr. Elina Christian Starting yet another fundraising campaign seemed beyond the scope of our startup group, but this opportunity was too good to miss. The $3000 one-off payment to full-time health staff started to be distributed in August. A gesture of goodwill from the state governments of NSW and Victoria, it is intended as a thank-you for the work outputted during the challenges of the pandemic (also perhaps as a response to the calls for increased wages from unions). Just one month pri... Read more >

DMI has been added to The Life You Can Save Australia’s list of recommended charities.

“How mass media can dramatically impact health behaviors. Announcing an new recommended charity for our Australian donors” I’m thrilled to announce that we have added Development Media International (DMI) to The Life You Can Save Australia’s list of recommended charities. Donations in support of our recommended charities are tax-deductible in Australia. I have personally spent a considerable amount of time with the senior Team at DMI  (including their CEO, Roy Head), and I have found them to be... Read more >