Updated Charity Evaluation Framework & Cause Funds

Updated Charity Evaluation Framework & Cause Funds

In service of our mission to offer you active, well-researched charity recommendations, we’ve updated our charity evaluation framework and cause funds. 

Why? We are committed to adjust our methodology to reflect our continued learning, address tensions we find, and improve our ability to operationalize our evaluation process. 

First, what hasn’t changed? We’ve retained a focus on robust evidence to drive decision-making about impactful interventions and implementing nonprofits.

What has changed?

  1. We’ve adopted the global multidimensional poverty index (MPI) to guide our definition and measurement of poverty. Reducing suffering is our guiding principle. Using the MPI strengthens our use of reliable data to drive our understanding of poverty through the dimensions of health, education and living standards and 10 leading indicators of deprivation. 

  2. We’ve clarified our commitment to beneficiaries and their dignity, a theme championed by our board member Neela Saldanha and implemented in collaboration with IDinsight’s Dignity initiative.

  3. We’ve added considerations of strengthening systems, local and proximate leadership, and the sustainability of interventions. These considerations are in alignment with best practices in the poverty alleviation and development sector to get more resources into the hands of people in need and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian action.

Recommendation changes

In alignment with our updated evaluation framework we’ve updated our recommendations, including:

  1. Climate-focused recommendations: We are temporarily suspending our climate-focused recommendations to concentrate on the critical intersection between climate change and poverty alleviation and will relaunch a climate fund later in 2024. We aim to address the specific challenges faced by low-income countries, emphasizing mitigation strategies as well as adaptive measures for individuals in extreme poverty who are most susceptible to climate extremes. Find more information and ways to continue supporting our previous recommendations here.

Health-focused recommendation: We have concluded our recommendation of the Global Alliance Improved Nutrition (GAIN). This recommendation was originally based on GiveWell’s research related to universal salt iodization and designation of GAIN as a standout charity. With GiveWell discontinuing this designation, GAIN’s multifaceted programming, and our commitment to articulate impact to supporters, we currently do not have enough information to make a strong public recommendation of GAIN. We continue to value GAIN’s mission and work in advancing nutrition outcomes for all and are happy to support donors who wish to continue donating to GAIN.

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Katie Stanford

Katie Stanford has dedicated her career to contributing to a more just and compassionate world. For over two decades before joining The Life You Can Save, she worked in public health in the United States and with child-serving nonprofits. With a degree in data analytics, Katie’s specialty is using data to understand the diverse factors impacting community health and implementing programs to strengthen public health and wellbeing. 

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