Here’s an easy way to make effective giving part of your estate plans

Here’s an easy way to make effective giving part of your estate plans

You already give to evidence-backed charity. Now there's an easy way to make sure that you can continue to maximize the good that your money does for the global poor for years to come. We're excited to announce a new partnership with Charity Science that makes it simple and worry-free to support The Life You Can Save's recommended charities through effective estate planning. 

Charity Science works with a team of qualified attorneys and estate planning experts to help you draft a will and designate highly effective charities as beneficiaries–at no legal cost to you! At present, Charity Science's team provides will drafting services and support for individuals living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. For those of you who live in one of these countries, you can fill out Charity Science's short intake form to jumpstart your estate planning process. For those readers who don't live in one of these countries, please contact Charity Science directly to see whether they might be able to provide customized support, which will depend on your specific requests and situation.

What could a $10,000 gift to one of The Life You Can Save's charities buy for some of the neediest men, women, and children? That gift could help Against Malaria Foundation distribute 3,333 mosquito nets, which protect up to two people for three to four years. A $10,000 bequest to Development Media International could save the lives of 39 people who would have otherwise died from preventable diseases associated with extreme poverty. And that same amount could help the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition provide 50,000 people with a lifetime supply of iodine, a necessary nutrient that prevents against birth defects, cognitive delay, and miscarriage. 

A little planning now will have powerful impact for years to come. Visit Charity Science to learn more, or contact Katherine Savoie at Charity Science directly with questions about how you can include effective giving in your plans for your future.

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