Against Malaria Foundation’s New Agreement

Against Malaria Foundation’s New Agreement

The team at AMF is excited to share a number of updates on our recent progress.


Zambia distribution

We have signed an agreement with the Zambia Ministry of Health to fund 2.9 million nets for distribution in August 2017. This will be our first distribution in Zambia and will mean AMF is responsible for protecting a third of the population of the country with long-lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs). In total, 5.2 million people will be protected (since at scale the calculation is 1.8 people per net). Malaria is one of the primary health issues in Zambia, with high incidence levels seen across the majority of the country, so these nets have the potential to play a major part in reducing deaths and illness.


Other distributions

AMF is currently carrying out distributions or post-distribution monitoring in Malawi (protecting 15% of the population), DRC (5%), Ghana (25%), Uganda (50%) and Papua New Guinea (100%) and we are about to start a net distribution in Togo (60%). Nine potential future distributions are being discussed, ranging in size from 0.8m to 11m nets each. More information here and here.


Funding Progress and Need

AMF has just passed the cumulative funds raised milestone of US$120m. This milestone is thanks to many tens of thousands of supporters with almost US$50m of this total coming last year and nearly US$40m so far this year. Of this, more than US$8m has been TLYCS-influenced (source: response from donors when asked ‘how did you hear about AMF’).


Our near-term gap in funding – to be able to commit to the full quantities requested for distributions that are at an advanced stage of discussion – is US$28m, so we are working hard to generate support to help close that gap.


AMF’s support comes from two sources: ‘majority donors’ and ‘large donors’. Majority donors are the many individuals who contribute typically between US$2 and US$200,000 (and in £, €, AUD, CND, NZD, YEN etc. and have so far contributed more than 276,000 donations. Large donors are responsible for the few but very large donations, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The attached graph shows the critical importance of both donor groups. We see our majority donors as our “bedrock” while the large donors allow us to extend the scale at which we operate, which is so significant.

Interested in Joining the AMF Team?

AMF is now hiring – more information here and here. This is only the second time AMF will have hired in ten years, believing the time is right to expand what is a very lean organisation of three full time staff!

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