Fight Global Poverty with Cryptocurrency

Whether you want to donate crypto, use NFTs to fight poverty, or simply learn more about Crypto Philanthropy and efforts to use Web3 for good, you’ve come to the right place.

Multiply your donation to outstanding charities by giving through Gitcoin Grants!

Throughout the month of December, The Life You Can Save is collaborating with Gitcoin Grants to run a fundraising round. You can donate ETH or DAI to any of our six cause funds, and help unlock $25,000 in matching funds. The match pool will be allocated across the cause funds using the quadratic funding algorithm; the funds that receive the most unique donations (not necessarily the most money) will receive more of the match pool. Donating through this Gitcoin campaign is a great way to support highly impactful nonprofits helping the global poor, leverage your gift through the matching funds, and encourage nonprofits to make creative use of Web3 infrastructure like Gitcoin.
Our cause funds are a great way to support multiple nonprofits that help the global poor in similar ways with a single donation. Your donation can Save Lives, Transform Lives, Help Women & Girls, Create Economic Opportunity, Tackle Climate Changes, or promote Education for All. In each case, the fund will disperse your gift to highly cost-effective and evidence-backed nonprofits working in that cause area.

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Donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 100 other cryptocurrencies. You can donate directly to The Life You Can Save, to support any or all of our recommended charities, or to a group of charities working on a specific cause through our “cause funds”.

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Fight Poverty with NFTs

If you’re an NFT artist, collector, community, or platform, The Life You Can Save can help you use NFTs to fight global poverty.

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Crypto Philanthropy FAQs

If you’ve got questions about Crypto Philanthropy and how it fits into The Life You Can Save’s work, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

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Crypto Philanthropy Resources

The ecosystem of projects using Web3 for good is evolving quickly, and these resources will help you keep track of the latest news.

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Conversations with Web3 Leaders

See what leaders in the Web3 community have to say about how blockchain technology can be used for social good.


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