You Donate.  They Match.  Announcing our new partnership with Double Up Drive!

You Donate. They Match. Announcing our new partnership with Double Up Drive!

In anticipation of the 2021 giving season, we’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Double Up Drive, a non-profit organization founded in 2014 by professional poker player and philanthropist Dan Smith. 

At The Life You Can Save, we are always looking for new opportunities to promote effective altruism, introduce more people to the concept of effective giving and generate more funds for effective charities. That’s why we’re partnering with Double Up Drive, a US nonprofit 501(c)(3) that hosts “matching Drives” to raise money and awareness for effective charities. 

In a matching Drive, Double Up Drive selects a group of effective charities to support and then collects conditional pledges from major donors to “match” other contributions to those charities up to a certain amount. Like The Life You Can Save, Double Up Drive is deeply committed to promoting effective giving. Past matching Drives hosted by Double Up Drive have featured several of our recommended charities including Malaria Consortium, Helen Keller International and GiveDirectly, as well as other mission-aligned organizations such as GiveWell, the Centre for Effective Altruism and Founders Pledge. To date, Double Up Drive has helped raise over US$18 million for effective charities through its matching campaigns.

Matching Drives are not just popular and exciting fundraising events. Research also suggests that offering matches helps increase both the number and size of donations. A 2006 study from the US National Bureau of Economic Research found that simply announcing a match could increase individual donation amounts by 20%, and that matching Drives could increase the likelihood of individual donations by 22%. And in a 2016 survey conducted by UK-based The Big Give, 84% of survey participants reported that they were more likely to donate if a match was offered. 

We believe our new partnership with Double Up Drive will enable us to operate more effectively: to share resources and expertise across our organizations, avoid duplicating or competing efforts, and — above all — help inspire more people to give effectively. 

Double Up Drive will launch their 2021 End-of-Year Drive on Giving Tuesday (November 30th). We will be in touch with more details on that day, so please stay tuned! To find out more about Double Up Drive, please visit their website at

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