Against Malaria Foundation Update and Great Website Features

Against Malaria Foundation Update and Great Website Features

Against Malaria Foundation

AMF update, July 2017

It is a busy summer for the AMF team and partners. We are in the middle of three distributions and we are assessing another eight that require funding.

We saw strong donor support this past fiscal year (June 2016-June 2017) with 75,283 donations received (prior year 51,901) totaling more than US$42m. This allowed us to fund a number of multi-million net distributions and protect 29 million people when they sleep at night from the bite of malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Importantly, we have achieved high levels of accountability through operations underpinned by detailed data collection.

AMF’s provisional FY2017 accounts (year ending 30 June 2017) are already available here.

AMF net-hanging demonstration

Current Distributions

  • Uganda – The distribution of 10.7 million long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) is nearing its completion. The nets have been funded by 67,735 donations from 21,559 donors from 118 countries and will protect 19 million people.

  • Togo – 2.4 million nets have arrived in country and will be distributed during August and September. These nets will protect 4.3 million people.

  • Zambia – 3.0 million nets will arrive in July and August and be distributed shortly thereafter. 5.4 million people will be protected.

Future distributions

AMF is assessing distributions in another eight countries requiring 46.2 million nets costing US$105m. This exceeds the funds we currently have available and we expect to make some difficult decisions in September and October of this year.

Tax deductibility and Accounts

We are pleased to announce that AMF has now achieved tax-deductible status for donors in Ireland and in Denmark.

AMF prioritizes accountability and transparency: in India, signing for receipt of a net

Transparency and Accountability

We place great emphasis on transparency and accountability and publish a significant quantity of information,  including letting donors know where the nets funded by their individual donations are distributed.

Donor-Friendly Features of Our Website

We work hard to provide an informative and personalised experience for our donors and website visitors. Some of the features included on AMF’s website are:

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Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is a recommended charity of The Life You Can Save. AMF distributes insecticide-treated mosquito nets to some of the world’s most impoverished populations across sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim. Each AMF net costs $3, protects up to two people from malaria-carrying mosquitos, and lasts up to four years.

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