Food fortification program is formally endorsed in Liberia

Food fortification program is formally endorsed in Liberia

In Jan 2017, Liberia’s Ministry of Health officially signed the country’s National Food Fortification Guidelines, formally endorsing and launching the country’s first-ever fortification program. From left: Mrs. Kou Baawo, Director of Nutrition, Ministry of Health; Dr. Francis Kateh, Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health; Laura Rowe, President, PHC; Marion Mykers, Country Coordinator, PHC.

Project Healthy Children is greatly pleased to report that we have reached a historic achievement with the Government of Liberia through the formal endorsing of the national fortification program impacting over 4.5 million people.

Project Healthy Children has been working tirelessly in Liberia since 2013, providing vital support to the government in order to ensure the fortification program is mandatory. The country has adopted fortification standards, which means most will now have access to foods with the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep them strong and healthy.

Liberia’s infant and under-5 mortality rates remain among the fifth highest in the world. More than 15% of children die before reaching their first birthday and preventable diseases like malaria and measles are among the leading killers. The launch of this national food fortification program is critical in saving lives from preventable deaths caused by malnutrition. Fortified foods can now reach those most in need across Liberia and critically improve people’s health to fight disease and illness.

Following the signing of the National Guidelines, in February 2017, Liberia’s only wheat flour producer, Premier Milling Corporation, and the country’s largest importer of cooking oil, Fouani Brothers, were awarded with the National Fortification Logo after having successfully fulfilled necessary national standard requirements. Adequately fortified cooking oil and wheat flour can now be found throughout Liberia in both urban and rural markets.

We are very proud to be part of this important achievement that reaches over 4.5 million Liberian’s. Your generosity, enables us to expand and ensure thousands more people will access fortified and nutritious foods in order to survive and thrive.

Thank you for supporting our work.

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Project Healthy Children (PHC) is a recommended charity of The Life You Can Save. PHC partners with public and private health care initiatives to provide low-cost, effective food fortification programs to populations worldwide. PHC’s food fortification programs have been shown to reliably deliver micronutrients to community food supplies.

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