Possible’s 2016 Annual Report is Here

Possible’s 2016 Annual Report is Here

This year, we made bold commitments.

Each commitment was made to ensure more patients could receive high-quality, low-cost healthcare from the hospital to their home.

In the wake of devastating earthquakes, we committed to rebuild clinics and replicate our model in a new region where it was needed most.

Because we know hospital care alone cannot fully serve our patients’ needs, we committed to expand our community health worker program.

When we saw technology could be a lever for better care, we committed to build the electronic health record and mobile tools to integrate care and prevent patients from falling through the cracks.

These were just a few of the commitments we made in 2016. 

See the results of our commitments.

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Possible a recommended charity of The Life You Can Save. Possible provides high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to some of the poorest communities in rural Nepal. A pioneer in the durable healthcare model, Possible brings together the best of private, public, and philanthropic models.

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