How far will your donation go? Introducing The Life You Can Save Charity Impact Calculator

How far will your donation go? Introducing The Life You Can Save Charity Impact Calculator

Were excited to launch our interactive Charity Impact Calculator, a new tool that lets you see what you get for  your charitable giving. Our Impact Calculator shows you how your donation could be used to help provide services that could save the lives of some of the worlds poorest people, or help them to see again, or transform their lives in other positive ways. We highlight the work of twelve of the worlds most effective charitiesand let you compare each charitys impact side by side.

Our Charity Impact Calculator shows you how far your donations will go with each of our recommended charities. The same $100 donation could provide 111 community members with clean water for an entire year through Evidence Action, provide 384 people with food-based micronutrient fortification through Project Healthy Children, or provide another five years of healthy life through Population Services International's disease prevention and maternal health work. 

A donation of $100 to Evidence Action covers the cost of 285 deworming treatments or provides 111 people with access to clean water for a year.

We created our Charity Impact Calculator using data provided by selected charities, which we crosschecked and verified ourselves. Determining a charity’s effectiveness is a complicated task, and no single online tool can measure an organization’s full impact. We designed the Impact Calculator as a resource to help you jumpstart your own exploration of effective giving. You can find all of our sources and a description of our analysis of each charity’s impact in the “Numbers” section below each of our recommended charities.

Data-collection and evaluation allow nonprofits to give donors a fairly accurate picture of the impact of their work. The Impact Calculator makes this data available for donors to use in an accessible manner. With tools like this, donors can reward not the charities that have the best advertising campaigns, but the charities that have the most impact on the ground.

There are lists of "Best Charities" all over the Internet, but those lists are usually based on subjective criteria or, even worse, criteria like the percentage of revenue that is spent on administrative overheads—which in most cases tells us very little about the actual impact of an organization. We select our recommended charities on the basis of their evidence-backed poverty relief work. Each of our charities has been selected because the evidence indicates that it produces a measurable, cost-effective impact in the lives of those living in extreme poverty. 

Learn more by using the Charity Impact Calculator and find out how far your donation will go to save a life in 2015.

Not sure how much to give? Check out our interactive income-based tool to find out how much you could give to help those living in extreme poverty.

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