DMI is excited to launch a new life-saving programme in Mozambique called INTENSAÚDE. INTENSAÚDE is a 2-year project with a big ambition – to save over 8000 under five lives.

DMI will be running a national radio campaign to promote awareness of the symptoms of the three biggest killers of young children in Mozambique: malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea. During the campaign, radio stations across Mozambique will broadcast short 1 minute spots or advertisements that encourage parents to recognise the symptoms of these diseases and to seek treatment from a local health facility.

In a previous randomised controlled trial, DMI’s radio intervention was found to have increased treatment seeking for malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea by 56%, 39%, and 73% respectively. When modelled using the Lives Saved Tool, this translated into a mortality reduction of 9.7%. These findings will be published in the BMJ Global Health in 2018.

DMI’s INTENSAÚDE project in Mozambique has been predicted to be hugely cost effective – with a cost per DALY figure averted of $15 and a cost per life saved of $350. DMI’s evidence-based modelling suggests that this project will save 5718 under five lives per year.
The project funders include Unorthodox Philanthropy, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Fondation Botnar and individuals who have donated money based on recommendations from Founders Pledge, GiveWell and TLYCS.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to every individual who has donated to DMI via TLYCS. Every penny of the money donated via TLYCS to DMI has been spent on this highly cost-effective intervention. We are now raising money to save more lives by extending the campaign to cover a second malaria season in Mozambique.

Learn more about DMI here, and support their work here.

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Development Media International (DMI) is a recommended charity of The Life You Can Save. DMI uses radio and T.V. shows to influence family and societal awareness, attitudes and behaviors around crucial health issues in order to dramatically decrease morbidity and mortality from diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS and Trachoma.

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